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Google Navigator v5.0

Publicado por Patricia Càceres lunes, 14 de septiembre de 2009

Google Navigator v5.0 | 1.75MB

Overview : Google Navigator is a powerful and easy to use GPS navigation software.Google Navigator is the most powerful and easy to use GPS navigation software on your Pocket PC. Also is the best and most easy to use and convenient software on your Pocket PC. All map data is transferred from Google via network, and save permanently on your device until you want to delete it.Designed with productivity in mind, Google Navigator offers a quick and easy way to obtain the map and location information on your Pocket PC.With the most powerful functionality on map data operation and convenient user interface.You will enjoy the fun on your Pocket PC.



* Map can change to three view mode: Map Satellite and Hybrid
* Map is transferred via network and save permanently until you want to delete it.
* All the map is constructed to best looking and up-to-date.
* Map data is covered allover the world
* Map can rotated in all 3D angle and move in all directions like Google Earth on your PC
* Full screen mode
* Interactive maps let you zoom in or out in 20 levels.

Street view

* 3D street view allows you to quickly and easily view and navigate high-resolution, 360 degree street level images of cities in the world.
* If the street view data is can start the street view off line!
* The street view initialize angle is using the current map angle will automatically move when you move angle in street view.
* You can visit and select the 'Street View' layer to check if your location is support street view.


* Search the up-to-date location and business via network
* The searched result contains phone number address website act.
* Local business locations and contact information appear all in one place, integrated on your map.


* Pick favorite point in favorites folder.
* The powerful favorites folder can pick some favorite locations to appear all in map than can convenient in analytics

GPS tracking

* Tracking another's position in Google Navigator using the SMS tunnel,no network connection need!
* Position can picked by current GPS position or one point in map then select a contact on phone and send out by SMS automatically
* If the receiver have not open Google Navigator,I will popup a notification to click and open google navigator to display the position automatically.


* Step-by-step voice and turn directions in navigation
* View the map and text directions of next turn
* Change to total view of the route line.
* Change map view in three mode in navigation
* Rotated maps in all 3D angle and move in all directions and zoom in 20 levels in navigation
* Search location or businesses in navigation
* Change destination point or start point in navigation.
* And by just an single click you can return the GPS location in navigation.

Custom path

* Draw your path and start GPS navigation
* Automatically caculate the turn type like turn left ,turn right after you add the key point
* Easy move,delete,change or insert point when you editing the path

Send Position

* Send the GPS position or the Selected position by SMS ,MMS and email.
* When sending position using SMS.Google navigation will auto created a message that notify the
receiver go the to input a lat,lng string to check the position.
* When sending piston using MMS or email. Google navigation will created a position link of
as the content to for sending.

Track line

* Save the track line and load it in Google navigator .
* Support multiple track line loading
* Track line can convert to Google KML format and open it in Google Earth in PC.

GPS information

* Speed latitude longitude attitude direction satellite count and signal quality can be view in the GPS Info windows.
* The GPS position can sent by SMS MMS or email

What's new in Google Navigator 5.0:
· Fixed can't detect photo or video that taken by camera in some device
· Sort My media in Google Navigator by creation time. you can press left right key to browse the files.
· Fixed bug that misplace map tile when downloading map ,Great Fixed!
· fixed bug that show error message when downloading map in some time
· Decrease 'My media' loading time

Requirements :
· .NET Compact Framework 2.0
· Windows Mobile 5.0
· Windows Mobile 6.0

Download link:

Download Uploading

Download Depositfiles

Download Easyshare

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